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Estate Sales


Defined as: the liquidation or sale of a substantial portion of belongings from an entire estate or partial estate. 

Onsite Estate Sales are the traditional method of liquidating an entire estate or a partial estate.

The contents typically include appliances, furnishings, clothing, art, accessories, housewares, and even light fixtures, vehicles, and more.

Onsite estate sales are conducted in person giving buyers the ability to touch and evaluate items, where as online estate sales are done online and all items are photographs for the review of potential buyers.

While online estate sales are growing, the traditional onsite estate sales are still the preferred method by both buyers and sellers. Millennials however are bridging that margin:.

  • Millennials account for 67% of online shoppers
  • 56% of gen-xers prefer to also shop online
  • 41% of baby boomers prefer online shopping
  • 28% of seniors prefer to shop online

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Our Dallas estate sales

We’ve held thousands of on-site estate sales in Texas and we know what our Dallas neighbors expect in terms of service levels. Our residential, on-site Dallas estate sales are typically 2-4 days in duration but each sale is unique. When liquidating businesses, often the duration can be a week or two. 

Because we use auctions to augment our estate sales, it is usual that fine art, fine jewelry, and other special items are offered in an auction format so these valuable items can be marketed across the USA and beyond.  We take care of all transactions so there is no burden or responsibilities on the client when the method of auction is used. 

Whether you choose to have a traditional on-site Dallas estate sale with or without auction services, we will work to obtain the highest return possible.